Saturday, December 10, 2016

Ugly Sweater Trophy

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This last week we had our Relief Society Christmas party.
(Relief Society is basically the women's group in our church. I am in charge of planning the monthly activities.)
Along with a dinner I decided to have games and a 'festive sweater' or 'festive outfit' contest.
(I'll do another post with the details of the games and everything).
To add to the fun I wanted to have a trophy and prize to give to the winner for putting forth the effort of dressing up of course! ;)
I just have to say, I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get a better picture of the finished product. I was so busy that day with last-minute prep for the party that I totally spaced it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

DIY Temple String Art

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A few months ago I was trying to come up with a craft project for our upcoming 'Relief Society Super Saturday'.
I had Google searched ideas over and over and I ended up finding a picture of some temple string art, I don't even remember which temple it was a picture of, but it sparked my mind and thought it would make the perfect craft.
I had a an idea of what I wanted so I started sketching my own design of some temples, and I was really excited with what I came up with.
I had to make a 'trial run' to see if this would all work, and actually look like a temple, so this was the sample I created. I also needed a sample to show the women at church what we would be creating.
I loved the result, so I put together a tutorial together if you want to make your own.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Harry Potter and Owl Cupcakes

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In my previous post I shared a tutorial for the Harry Potter cake I made for my son's birthday party, (you can check that out here)
I knew I wanted to have some cupcakes for the kids as well, and owl ones seemed perfect for this theme.
Plus, I've seen pictures of owl cupcakes on Pinterest for years, so I was excited to finally make some of my own! :)
I learned a few things through the process, so I put together a quick tutorial for you.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Harry Potter Cake

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For the last few months my oldest has been on quite the Harry Potter kick.
He has read the first 4 books and even dressed up as Harry Potter for Halloween.
So when the time came to talk about his birthday it was no surprise what he wanted for the cake.
Harry Potter.
(We also made cupcakes, but that will be another post).
I didn't have as much time as I wanted when I was decorating this cake, I probably would have paid a lot more attention to detail and smoothed out the frosting a little better, but my son was super happy with it, so that's all that matters!
I made the batter from scratch using my yellow cupcake recipe. (You can find that recipe here). 
I made the full recipe, plus half.
This allowed me to make 24 cupcakes and one 8-inch cake.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Harry Potter Wand Tutorial

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For Halloween this year my oldest decided he wants to dress-up as Harry Potter.
We talked about the details of his costume and he for sure needed a wand :)
I've been trying to step back more and let his creative juices flow, and I must say I'm pretty proud of his thought process and how this turned out!
It all started the other day when he found this stick.
I told him I thought it would make a good wand, so he held on to it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DIY Reversible 2x4 Craft

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I feel like when it comes to seasonal decor, I'm kind of a minimalist.
I honestly think I don't like a lot of knick-knacks and stuff because my boys already leave so much crap everywhere they go that it just looks like it's adding to the clutter...
Does anyone else have this problem??
Anyways, I've mentioned before that my new calling (volunteer type position) in my church is the person in charge of planning monthly activities for the Relief Society (women's group).
Once a year there is something called Super Saturday.
It's pretty much a chance to get together and make some common crafts, nibble on treats, and chat with the other women.
Our Super Saturday is next month, but I made the crafts in advance so the other women could see what's in store for them if they're able to make it.
As I mentioned before, I don't like having a lot of seasonal stuff, but I kind of wanted something.
I decided to make these reversible 2x4 blocks as a way to have them be a little more functional and last a little longer through the seasons.
I really wanted this craft to be customizable for the women attending.
Meaning; they don't have to do Fall and Winter. They could do any season they want, or even a saying like 'Love at Home' or whatever.
I will actually post more about different options after we have our Super Saturday and I have more options to show.
For now though, I will show you how I made these ones.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

DIY Pokeball Costume

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A few weeks ago I was talking to my 3 year old about Halloween.
He is so excited to go trick-or-treating, and much to my surprise he already knew what he wanted his costume to be.
When I asked him what he was planning on dressing up as he squealed with delight "A Pokeball!"
Ha ha ha
Um, it was the cutest thing ever to hear him talk about being a Pokeball and I was excited because I knew this would be something I could easily whip up for him.
I love how this turned out, and I love that he'll be able to wear a coat, or sweater, or whatever underneath it and you'll still be able to see the full costume.
I've got step-by-step pictures and instructions to show you how this came together.
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